Father Gilbert flanked by Father Luis Marín ​de San Martín (top left), assistant Father General of the Order of Saint Augustine and currentlt president of the Institute of Augustiianian Spirituality, and by Father Alejandro Moral Ánton, Father General of the Order of Saint Augustine. Father Moral (above extreme right) with Grupo de Oración organizer Rafael Saénz Santa María (extreme left), Father Luis Marín de San Martín (second from left) and Father Francisco Pajares Marcos, OSA (third from left), who served as master of ceremony at Mass marking the visit of the Rome-based Augustinian superiors at Iglesia del Carmen.
Father Gilbert (left) with Father Alejandro Moral Ánton, Father General of the Order of Saint Augustine.
Photo credit: Rafael Saénz de Santa María, except for one where he is pictured.
A Meeting of Brethren

Augustinian Father General
​Breaks Bread with Fellow Friars in Neguri

Neguri, Spain: Last Thursday, October 20, the feast of Augustinian martyr Saint Magdalena of Nagasaki Father Alejandro Moral Ánton, the Father General of the Order of Saint Augustine, came to visit us his brother Augustinians detailed at Iglesia del Carmen. He was accompanied by the Order's Assistant General and concurrent President of the Institute of Augustinian Spirituality, Madrid-born Father Luis Marín de San Martín. 

Of French origin, Father General spent part of his childhood in France before returning to Spain where he was born in Burgos. Having been born in the historic capital of Castile probably explains why he speaks Spanish as it should be spoken and his manners are elegantly impeccable. His love for the underprivileged, his humility, his simplicity and his total commitment to live by the gospel lead fellow friars to consider him not so much as their superior general but, rather, as the first among equals. 

The parishioners of Iglesia del Carmen animatedly chatted with Father General after the Mass he had concelebrated with fellow friars.  Then it was the friars´ turn to have a one-on-one talk with him. During our group discussion, his stamina to listen to everyone was on full display, showing interest in every point of view. He then gave the floor to his assistant, who delivered an encompassing talk on Augustinian spirituality

During lunch time, Father Luis Marín switched places with me at the dining table so I could sit next to the Father General, an unexpected gesture that pleasantly surprised me. Sensing my hesitation, Father General broke into a wide grin, encouraging me to sit down beside him.  It was then when I came to realize why he is known  within the Augustinian Order as "Alejandro magno" or Alexander the Great." 
Father Moral holding Somewhen, a poetry book authored by Father Gilbert and dedicated to Pope Francis, the first Pontiff from the Americas.